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27  09  2013 г.
Altai sea buckthorn products hit the taste of the Dutch

As you know, the year 2013 is declared The Year of the Russian Federation in the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Year of the Netherlands in Russia. Due to this throughout the year, starting from February, various events covering culture, art and education, as well as activities promoting development of trade and commercial cooperation between the two countries are organized in their territories. The representatives of the Altai Krai attended one of such events held in Amsterdam last week.

The Russian Food Festival was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation of the Netherlands. The opening ceremony of the Festival was attended by Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Co-Chairman of the Russian-Dutch Joint Commission on Economic Cooperation (JCEC), Sharon Deixma, State Secretary for the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation of the Netherlands, and Ilya Shestakov, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

At the Festival the representatives of the different Russian regions (Altai Krai, Krasnodar Territory, Republic of Sakha, Kaluga Region, Republic of Tatarstan and Republic of Bashkortostan) presented to Amsterdam residents and visitors the unique foodstuffs made of high-quality raw vegetable and animal materials: Tatarstan chaku-chaku, Bashkir honey, Krasnodar apples, etc. According to the results of the pre-qualification competition, only 12 regional companies producing outlandish foodstuffs were granted with the right to present the Russian products in the Netherlands. It was remarkable, that Altai Bouquet was among the participants, and represented the Altai Krai with its sea buckthorn products which arose the vivid interest among the Dutch.

On behalf of the leaders of the Altai Krai the representatives of Altai Bouquet presented Arkady Dvorkovich and Sharon Deixma with the bright-orange cases containing the best of sea buckthorn products. Altai Bouquet exhibited a colourful display at the Museum Square of Amsterdam. Here at least 5.000 residents and guests of the Netherlands were able to taste eco-friendly, delicious and healthy food made of sea buckthorn which was selected by the event organizers as one of the most prominent specialties of the Altai Krai. And is was not a surprise, because buckthorn is a strategic and trendy culture of Altai. Namely here the scientists of Lisavenko Institute of Horticultural Research for Siberia selected the best varieties of this fruit which is known all over the world.

Sea buckthorn desserts and jams definitely hit the taste of the guests of the event. The exhibition stand of the Altai Krai turned out to be, perhaps, the most popular among both the Europeans and the Russia community in the Netherlands. In the course of the tasting they distinguished high-quality style and organoleptic properties of the products that corresponded to the European standards, and, therefore, had every chance to succeed not only in the Netherlands, but also in other EU countries.

A Taste of Russia in the Netherlands Forum was held in the last days of the Russian Food Festival at the Amsterdam Conservatory with the participation of the representatives of the European and the Russian governments, specialist of the catering industry and the mass media. The main objective of the forum was introduction of Russia to the international market as a country with favourable environmental conditions and efficient agriculture for production of the world-class products. In the end of the Festival the Russian party expressed its hope for establishing of more stable relationship with the Netherlands in the field of trade and commerce due to Russia accession to WTO.