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19  12  2012 г.
A Feast of Feasts…

Pir (Feast)—the Russian National Gastronomic Trade Fair—has been held: dwellers and guests of the capital, haute cuisine experts, journalists and simple buyers tasted most delicious products from different regions of Russia.

Altai Krai was represented by Altay Bouquet Company. Goldenmix sea buckthorn desserts, Olympus nectars and sea buckthorn tea were selected as a gastronomic opening of the largest national trade fair during the October’s expedition to Altai undertaken by the Russian Regional Product Project initiators. By no means, it was sea buckthorn that became a trademark of our region. Sea buckthorn splendid flavor properties and health benefit make it a unique primary product for preparing diverse healthy dishes.

It was Goldenmix and O’Berry! desserts (available in our online shop from February, 2013), as well as Olympus nectars that were incredibly popular with the visitors during tastings. So many people wished to buy genuine Altai products that one of the trade fair objectives—interviewing and organoleptic evaluation of the presented products—was at risk of failure. The number of product samples might have become just insufficient! However, a sea buckthorn dessert (one of the best regional products at PIR Trade Fair) was not the only product that was popular with the buyers. The Altay Bouquet S Novym Godom! (Happy New Year!) herbal balm, honey balms and cherry balms were acknowledged as “delicious and flavored”. Positive comments were proved by numerous purchases.

Everyday flow of thousands of visitors enabled global testing of products, their flavor quality and general appeal. The results left no doubts for Altay Bouquet Company about their chosen strategy which was to create health food products on the basis of renewable Altai plant raw materials.

Thanks to the trade fair initiators efforts, the support of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia and the regional businessmen active approach, we all now have an opportunity to appreciate the characteristics and diversity of the authentic contemporary gastronomy of different regions of Russia.