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Research and production company Altay Bouquet processes various types of natural raw materials:

  • medicinal herbs;
  • fruit and berries;
  • honey and other apiculture products;
  • products of maral breeding.

The majority of raw materials is obtained from the company’s own resources, including two large apiaries and nursery gardens in Rebrikha and Zmeinogorsk districts of the Altay region.

The company has three processing plants, located in Barnaul and the suburban area. All of them are fitted with modern equipment from domestic as well as foreign manufacturers (Germany, Great Britain, Sweden). The quality of the products is an established priority, controlled at every processing stage.

We place a strong emphasis on the appearance and design of the package, using the most up-to-date finishing methods. Among our key objectives is creation of a bright and catchy image of the product. For instance, Altay Bouquet was one of the first companies in the region to apply the technology of shrink film label in packaging.

Altay Bouquet may rightly be considered the leader in sea-buckthorn products diversity – there is no other company in Russia that would manufacture as wide a range. Moreover, our processing methods allow to preserve the maximum amount of wholesome substances in end-product. We are constantly renovating and expanding the production facilities, since the demand for our products is growing at a rapid pace.

In 2010, Altay Bouquet put forward an initiative to construct a plant for production of functional foods and medicinal cosmetics with the output of 8-10 thousand tons per year. This will increase the procuring and processing capacities by 15 times. The company’s business plan was approved by the expert’s committee of Russian Regional Development Ministry and included in the project “Altay Priobie” which guarantees government support.

This complex will include three mini-plants for the prompt freeze, selection, package and temporary storage of fruit, berries and bee-breeding products; and a processing plant with cold storage facilities, warehouses and offices. We envisage to begin construction in 2011, and complete it by 2015. Partially, the production complex is planned to be put into operation in 2012.