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Fitness and Sports Products
Biopulse  Energy & Tonus BeverageBiopulse Restore & Energy Beverage
Biopulse Energy & Tonus Beverage
Biopulse  Energy & Tonus Beverage

Energy & Tonus: 5 minutes before training!

It will help your organism to better cope with high exercise stress during which metabolism accelerates like a race car. BIOPULSE Energy & Tonus contains an active complex of natural components that increase the ATP level in a short time providing the necessary revitalization and a fit of energy.  

Ingredients: Specially prepared drinking water, rose hips, honey, inverted sugar syrup (glucose and fructose aqua solution), tick trefoil root (red root) extract, Rhodiola rosea root (roseroot) extract, royal jelly, acidity regulator: citric acid, preservative: potassium sorbate, Vitamin В1, Vitamin В6,  Vitamin С, Vitamin РР, Vitamin В12, Coenzyme Q10, L- Carnitine.

Recommendations for use: It is recommended to take 125 ml of the beverage 1 time a day before training or vigorous exercise. Shake before drinking. Course period: 3-4 weeks. The course may be repeated several times a year.

Contraindication: Individual intolerance to the ingredients, nervousness, hypertension, arrhythmia, expressed atherosclerosis

Volume: 125 ml*4 in a show-box