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Fitness and Sports Products
Biopulse  Energy & Tonus BeverageBiopulse Restore & Energy Beverage
Biopulse Restore & Energy Beverage
Biopulse Restore & Energy Beverage

Within 20 minutes after training

After training it is extremely necessary to restore the water and mineral balance, to replenish the content of vitamins and to recover your energy. BIOPULSE Restore & Energy will help you to do it. It contains a great amount of natural microelements and antioxidants, fiber and fast carbohydrates. When getting into the organism immediately after training, they are easily digested enabling faster muscular tissue recovering. It guarantees feeling of well-being and high performance during the next training. 

Ingredients: Unclarified extra virgin sea buckthorn juice, inverted sugar syrup (glucose and fructose aqua solution), natural honey, stabilizer: xanthan gum, ascorbic acid (Vitamin С), Dihydroquercetin (Taxifolin), preservative: sorbic acid, specially prepared drinking water

Recommendations for use: It is recommended to take 125 ml of the beverage 1 time a day after training or during vigorous exercise. Shake before drinking. Course period: 3-4 weeks.

Volume: 125 ml * 4 pcs. in a show-box