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Altay Bouquet cherry-juice balsams
Vita-Cherry Balsam in the tubeHeartly Friend Balsam in the tube Green Warrior Balsam in the tube Heartly Friend BalsamPeaceful Mind BalsamVita-Cherry BalsamCholo-Fit BalsamGreen Warrior BalsamBreeze Easy Balsam
Vita-Cherry Balsam in the tube
Vita-Cherry Balsam in the tube

The richest source of natural vitamins (А, В, С, Е, Р), minerals and fatty acids. Contains great amount of antioxidants (substances preventing body aging).

Ingredients:cherry juice, extracts of rosehips and rowanberry (Sorbus aucuparia), thyme, hawthorn, blackberry leaves, pine nut.

Volume: 200 ml.