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Series of Altai Wildlife Area Balsams
Belokurikha. Power of Mother EarthBelukha. Serenity of MountainsPower-Blue Katun. Energy of River
Power-Blue Katun. Energy of River
Power-Blue Katun. Energy of River

This balsam is an inexhaustible source of plentiful energy. The combination of wild mountain thyme, fruity blackberry, wild rowan and rosehips will give you the unforgettable moments of enjoying an excellent berrylike taste and delicate aroma of the drink. This wondrous balsam vizards the hidden energy and the vitamins which nourish the human spirit and body.

Ingredients: sugar, water extract from plant materials (fruits of rowan tree, fruits of black chokeberry, rosehips, haw berry, thyme, leaves of nettle, leaves of black currant), ascorbic acid (antioxidant), citric acid (acidity regulator).

Volume: 250 ml.